A Piece Of It All

is a blog about all the different things that go into our lives. In today's world, we've forgotten how to be jacks of all trades and be happy with the joy it nrings us to create, have careers, raise children, have beautiful homes, and yes...play in the dirt.  We've also forgotten how to leave all those things behind if theyre something that doesnt bring us joy. We can have it all, no matter how many pieces that is for us.

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A Brief History

When you grow up being a learn it all, life can be tough.  You're a little bit weird and you have a lot of fun nicknames...like "know it all" and "teacher's pet".  My thirst to know all the things came in handy as an adult in life, and a weird tendency to remember every thing I read, or at least the sources has now left with with the nickname "Ja-Google".

My husband and business partner and I discussed bringing all of these bits of knowledge to a form that was accessible to my friends and family who message me most often for advice.  After launching our retail ecommerce business, we decided it was time to give a blog a little love.  A Piece Of It All was born the day after we launched our retail endeavor, Novel Ensemble.

I've been writing my entire life.  Fiction as a child, grants and business plans as an adult. A blog seems like a natural and logical progression I think.