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Direct Sales Isn't always a Trap

“I didn’t choose Direct Sales life, Direct Sales life chose me”

It’s true. Enigmatic. Prophetic.

Right? We all have our we got here and who was in the room when we knew our company was for us. 
So passionate. So happy. 
Then the unthinkable happened...we went to another company, or GASP...joined a second...or third...or hold onto your panties...A FOURTH!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!

Here’s a little were made for this.

You see, Direct Sales isn’t JUST about the company you join. It’s about what fills your cup. That cup, can be filled lots of places with lots of different things.

Stuff gets hard. It gets real. Some of us have been in businesses that have drained us physically and emotionally, yet I see you all...working it out. Everyday in the many rooms of the suite. We do it because we love it.

18 years ago I attended my first home party. I was a college student, with a husband and a baby and I didn’t have a penny to my name. My dad had passed away a year earlier and life was not what I could recognize. I remember leaving that Pampered Chef Party (hey hey kitchen consultants) defeated that I probably couldn’t afford that food chopper I wanted. 
Now hold onto your hats...I didn’t know you could just DO direct sales back then. Through that entire presentation I was in awe of this woman. How did she get there? How did that company choose her? I would love to do what she does, I wonder how to make that happen.

Then she called me. “Janell, your mom and I were talking after her party and we think you’d be really great at what I do, your mom wants to give you her hostess credits toward a starter kit”. Someone believed in me.

The rest is nearly history. I would go on to make great money in the next 4 years. Buy a home. Have another baby. Start a career in pre-School education...
leave Pampered Chef.

Over and over through the years I found a few more companies. 
An art supply company that made me feel human again when I felt like mom life had stripped me of who I was. 
A health and beauty company that would make me feel 20 again as I approached 30, newly divorced and again facing a life that I didn’t recognize. 
A wellness company that would make me strong again after the birth of my fourth sweet baby. 
Finally, a crazy clothing company that would lead me here, to all of you; to a version of myself I could have never imagined.

It was never about the products guys, it was about how my role as their ambassador made me feel. It was about the gifts it brought out in me. 
That, transcends a product. The product is just the vehicle.

I see so many people switch companies or take on a second, worry that it means they have failed. Or that people will think they failed. They don’t want to be “that person”. They haven’t. It’s exactly the opposite.

This is Direct Sales life, it’s a feeling, it’s a joy, it’s who you are. That doesn’t get sold away with your last piece of clothing, or when you shut down your account. It goes with you. Your successes are yours and they’re often personal.

In these suite rooms, we talk a lot about social strategy. We also talk a lot about believing in yourself enough to know that you’re worth the work. 
You deserve what we dish out here. You deserve to buy that video course, or boot camp. You can never fail unless you stop trying. I promise you.

Keep coming here and filling your cup. One day someone will ask you how to do what you do, and your answer may just change their life.
Smash the stigma, own your success, share it with everyone who needs it.

Rock on with your bad selves.

Abundance Mindset

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